About Byron Roberts

People say artists are born, not made. I have to agree.

My business, like a painting, just evolved. The first commission I had was to paint a mural for a restaurant. I bid it to take three weeks and it took me three months… but I don't regret a minute of it because the mural still generates referrals twelve years later.

Next up was a theme park that kept me busy for the next two years. During downtime, I took a faux painting course and never looked back.

12 years have passed and my business still continues to grow. What pleases me is my business has grown simply by word of mouth. This website is our very first effort to advertise. Up to now, my business has prospered simply by word of mouth from happy clients.

I believe my work has been successful because a job is never complete unless the client is totally delighted. Your ideas launch the project and my art and attention to detail are what bring them to life.

My staff and I can master any size work that you would like to commission. We have completed projects for homeowners, business and government.

Need a child to entertain and stimulate their creativity? My brushes are waiting.

Have a room that you don't know what to do with? We need to talk.

Does your business need artwork that reflects its personality? I can help.

I have won Homearama awards and been the subject of numerous newspaper articles but all the acclaim I really need is the look on the face of my clients when they see the finished product.

I can talk about my work all day but I would rather have you see it. I believe it speaks for itself so please visit my Gallery. Then contact me to set up an appointment.

I look forward to turning your vision into reality.